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K+K Story

Sri Lankan culture celebrates great food that's freshly prepared and made to be shared.

All three K+K founders grew up across Sri Lanka. Our mothers relished making fresh food for their families using in-season produce. During family trips to the local markets, we’d be so tempted by the delicious smells of street food carts next to beaches in remote villages that we’d beg our parents to stop for a snack.

​Having agreed that we all believe that there is something unique and magical about Sri Lankan street food, we decided to go from friends to business partners so that we can share our passion about our local cuisine with the rest of the world.

​But K+K is not just about food. Through showcasing elements of Sri Lankan culture and its art, we want you to have the experience of being transported to Sri Lanka. As you dig into a bowl of kothu roti, you can imagine yourself sitting at a beachside stall, hearing traditional music.

​We hope you love our food and we very much want to hear your views about your food: what you like, what could be better, what else we should have on the menu, etc. You can email us at or share your feedback with us in person!

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