A Primer on Sri Lankan Street Food

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Food is a core part of daily Sri Lankan life, from shopping for fresh produce at local markets and preparing the ingredients to cook traditional recipes. Streets lined with food carts and cafes tempt hungry crowds stopping for a quick snack or for something more.

If you want to get a sense of local life and get the most authentic experience, eat Sri Lankan street food. Tuck into a piping hot bowl of kothu roti, close your eyes, and you’re transported from Croydon’s side streets to the hustling bustling food cart-lined streets of Colombo.

For those unfamiliar with Sri Lankan food, here are the key dishes you have to try!

Kothu roti: Often described as the most popular and well-known dish across Sri Lanka, kothu roti is the epitome of comfort food: filling, moreish and so satisfying. Ours is prepared using shredded Godhuma roti (made with wheat flour), fresh vegetables or tender meat, and Kari sauce.

Idiyappam: A staple dish made in households across the country, each family has their own special recipe for making the perfect idiyappam. These disc-shaped patties are made from rice flour that is pressed into noodle form and then steamed. Some say idiyappam is best served at breakfast, but we think there’s no wrong time to enjoy them.

Pol roti: Soft, simple and classic, these rustic rotis are prepared with grated coconut and flecked with onions and green chillies. This a favourite dish of those in central Sri Lanka. We serve ours with seeni sambol, a caramelised onion relish that is a popular condiment amongst locals. Seeni Sambol can be sweet, tangy and/or spicy.

Thali (or Banana leaf meal as we call it): In Sri Lanka, food is often served on banana leaves. Not only are they are naturally biodegradable, but the tradition of serving on banana leaves dates back to centuries. Ours is a hearty combination that includes two vegetables, a main dish and our house pickle.

K+K Street Food menu at Boxpark Croydon includes all of these dishes and more. What we stand for is simple: great food that’s freshly prepared and made to be shared.

We grew up across Sri Lanka. Our mothers relished making fresh food for their families using in-season produce. During family trips to the local markets, we’d be so tempted by the delicious smells of street food carts next to beaches in remote villages that we’d beg our parents to stop for a snack.

Having agreed that we all believe that there is something unique and magical about Sri Lankan street food, we decided to go from friends to business partners so that we can share our passion about our local cuisine with the rest of the world.

We are excited to share these Sri Lankan street food staples, along with the art and culture, with you at our BoxPark Croydon location!

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