If you want to get a sense of local life and get the most authentic experience, eat Sri Lankan street food. And what we offer at K+K is the alluring and irresistible fusion of taste, fragrance, lightness and textures that is Sri Lankan food. Close your eyes, and you’re transported from Croydon’s side streets to the hustling bustling food cart-lined streets of Colombo.



A delicious blend of Sri Lankan cultures, this quintessential street food is prepared using shredded Godhuma roti, fresh vegetables or tender meat, and our kari sauce.



Vegan Kothu Roti

Chicken Kothu Roti

Mutton Kothu Roti

Learn more about Kothu Roti


pol ROTIs

Three warm, rustic rotis enhanced with grated coconut, onions and green chillies and served with seeni sambol (a caramelised onion relish) and one of the following sides of your choice



Dhal (Vegan)

Chicken Kari

Mutton Kari

Learn more about Pol Roti

Banana Leaf Meals

Can’t decide on what you want? Or fancy something different? Served on a banana leaf just like they would be in Sri Lanka, the meals include white rice, two vegetables of the day, appalam (a large, thin, crispy cracker), pickle, and your choice of a main dish.



Choose Vegan Kari of the day

Choose Chicken Kari

Learn more about K+K Banana Leaf Meals


Short eats

Our favourite street snacks or bites for those times when you’re not feeling too hungry or want to add something extra to your meal.

With a crispy shell and a soft inside, our homemade mutton rolls are made with potatoes and tender mutton mince that are seasoned with freshly ground spices and herbs.


These round, crispy balls, filled with a warm and satisfying young jack fruit and potato filling, pack a punch that are seasoned with freshly prepared Ceylon spices and herbs. (Vegan)

polos cutlet

Almost like a crumbly fudge sweet, caramelised, milky concoction is popular during the festive season made of condensed milk, cashew nuts and fresh cardamom powder.

milk toffee

Taking our inspiration from the popular toddy bars scattered across Sri Lankan coastal villages, our Toddy Bar tempts you with cocktails made from Ceylon arrack, a distilled alcohol made from the fermented sap of coconut flowers.

Meaning “elephant” in Sinhala, Aliya represents heritage, authenticity and originality. Arrack, coconut juice with a squeeze of fresh lime is a local's favourite.


A contemporary twist on the classic  ceylon arrack, Ginger Attack is a zingy, punchy mixture of arrack, local ginger beer and fresh lime juice.

Ginger Attack

We turn the dial up on the classic combination of Coca-Cola and fresh lime juice by adding our Ceylon arrack. It's time to taste the modern classic.

Arrack O’Clock


Lion Stout 330ml
Lion Lager 330ml

HOT drinks

Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Kopi

local drinks

Coconut Water 
Ginger Beer 
Cream Soda
Mango Nectar
Pineapple Nectar


regular drinks

Diet Coke
Still Water
Sparkling Water


Our food is freshly prepared in small, busy kitchen so we really can't guarantee any of our food allergen-free. If you do have any allergies, please take a look at our Allergen Guide.  

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